Personalized Gift Ideas

We are a husband and wife team in Massachusetts, with creative ideas ready to provide you with unique gifts for yourself, your family, and friends. We'll work with you on any custom requests, but check out below to see our regular items!

What Do We Do?

Provide your favorite photo. We can use a laser to engrave your photo onto wood, acrylic, or ceramic. We can use a 3D printer to create an amazing lithophane. We can build your photo into an enormous LEGO mosaic. We can print a poster version of your photo, made entirely of colored words that you selec . We can even have an Artificial Intelligence paint your photo on canvas in the style of some of the greatest painters in history. Other options are possible, as well!


Below, you'll find example gifts - these are all made from the exact same starting photo!

Source Photo

All of the customized photo gifts you see on this page were all created from this same source photo!

10 inch natural round cut from basswood

Your wood round will be laser engraved and then coated with a sealant to protect the image. Stand available for additional cost, or supply your own. $85 plus shipping. 3 days lead time required.

4 to 6 inch clear 3 mm thick acrylic panel

The acrylic panel comes with an LED base to light up your acrylic. A remote control is included to turn on and off your light and select the color of the light. $50 plus shipping. 1 week lead time required.

30 inch x 30 inch LEGO mosaic

This is massive! Smaller and larger sizes also available upon request for different costs. No glue is typically used (unless requested for an additional cost), yet the strength of the mosaic is such that you need not worry about its longevity. These mosaics have hung for years without incidents. $1500 plus shipping for 30" x 30" (15" x 15" available for $500). 1 month lead time required.

8 inch x 8 inch framed canvas 

Your photo can be "painted" by an A.I. in the style of a famous painting, including individual brush strokes (such as Van Gogh's "Starry Night" in the above example). Many different painting styles are available. The reproduction is printed on canvas and framed for you (frame included in price). $65 plus shipping. 1 week lead time required.

20 inch x 24 inch glossy poster

The letters that make up the words are printed at various sizes with appropriate colors to reproduce the original photo. Other sizes and other paper types are available at other costs - just ask. $45 plus shipping. 2 weeks lead time required.

100 mm x 100 mm plastic lithophane

This is a panel with varying thicknesses that allow through various amounts of light from behind. The thinner parts of the panel allow more light through, and the thicker parts allow less light. When a light is placed behind, it reproduces a black and white image in very high quality. These can be created to hang in a window with natural sunlight lighting it up, or as part of a night light (light included). $25 plus shipping for hangable version ($35 plus shipping for curved night light version with light). 1 week lead time required.

6 inch x 6 inch ceramic tile

Multiple colors of tile are available, as well as multiple colors for the engraved lines. Your tile can be displayed on its own, used as a coaster, or placed with other tiles for example in a bathroom or as part of a backsplash. $25 plus shipping. 3 days lead time required.

We'd love to make something just for you!

Email or to discuss what product you'd like, what photo you'd like to provide, cost, and shipping options. We can provide simulated image previews of most products before you commit to a purchase. Feel free to just contact us for information - no obligation at all! In addition, some size and other customization options can be accommodated beyond what's discussed on this page - just ask. Shipping costs will be at-cost.


Beth and David Levine own a 50 watt carbon dioxide laser and know how to use it! We have also created several LEGO mosaic commissions for celebrations and gifts, and have had our mosaics hanging in restaurants.


Imagine Photo Gifts
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We can accept payment via PayPal or Square, and can also accept personal checks (however this will add considerable time to your order since we need to wait for the check to clear).
We are located in Massachusetts, just south of Boston, and can arrange local hand delivery for (relatively) nearby customers to avoid shipping costs (LEGO mosaics can be shipped, but in-person delivery is much less stressful!).


Due to COVID-19, we are not currently appearing at any craft/gift/art fairs, however we hope to be doing so later in 2021, and will post calendar updates here!